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Get the best and advanced services for your communication needs. We provide fiber optic cable installation services to make sure to have the best telecommunication network for your needs and requirements.

Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber optic cable installation is the new advanced technology that helps transmit information from one node to another. They use light pulses to transmit and receive information. We offer services for fiber optic installation and fiber optic setup for your company’s need for speed.

Not only fast speed but fiber optic structured cable gives a bigger bandwidth, security, and integrity which ensure your company’s data is safe while transmitting. Get fiber optic cable installed by us to experience great service by one of the best fiber installation companies in Dubai. We promise zero downtime, authentic cables and certified technicians for your fiber optic internet installation.

Our services for Fiber optic cabling include:

Installation of Fiber optic cable

Installation of the new fiber optic cable is a complex matter and should be handled with utmost care. This is why we provide only certified technicians who are experienced in installing fiber optic cable for your office needs. Our technicians are skilled and proficient. For fast speed, large bandwidth and security get fiber optic cable installation now.

Maintenance of Fiber optic cable

Maintenance of fiber optic is important and we are experts in it. Our certified technicians know about Fiber optic cable in and out and provide the best maintenance service. Our maintenance service includes checking the cables, their function and to check for any damaged part. We are Dubai’s No.1 fiber optic contractor

Repair of Fiber optic cable

Already got a fiber optic cable, is it not working properly? We can fix your cable issues. Our services include fiber optic repair where our expert technicians check your fiber cable installation and repair the damage. We are a certified fiber optic contractor and we have the required tools and equipment to test all of your fiber optic repair issues.  

Fibre Optic Cable Installation Contractors

For high performance and long-distance data networking and telecommunication fiber optic is the choice compared to other wire cables. However, copper wires are also beneficial in their own way which is why we provide both depending on your requirements.

Other than fiber optic internet installation we provide services including:

Installation of air-blown fiber systems (eABF)

eABF is a new design for advanced cables that allows reliable enterprise based air-blown fiber solution. This new cable allows the cable to be blown for long distances using a combination of lightweight, high drag jacket system. This new design allows the cable to be strengthening which permits the cable to comply with industry standard interconnecting specification. Not all fiber optic cable installation companies provide this service, but we believe in advancement and get the latest technology installation to our clients as fast as possible.

Installation, maintenance, and certification of low-voltage copper cable systems

For industry equipment and machines, it is best suited to set low-voltage copper cable systems. These are different from fiber optic cables, they are PVC insulated wires and are best used for electrical power, lightning, internal household and industrial wiring and more. Our technicians are not only experts in advance technologies but are also experienced and certified for services that include traditional wiring solutions.

Installation of copper cable

For your LAN (local area network) connectivity, we provide affordable copper cable solutions, whether it is connecting a few computer networks or a few buildings, our technicians are experts, with hands-on experience and skills for cable solutions in large scale corporate installation, corporate relocation and more.

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Best quotations and quality product, they are one on the best fiber optic installation company in Dubai. Our data transmissions considerably improved and the speed was amazing. The technicians suggested the best solutions.


The best Fiber optic services in Dubai. The technicians are very professional and provide the right solution for your requirements. They also designed and planned the layout to perfection and gave us the best service experience, than any other company.

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